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When learning to buy the first skateboard, many skateboarders have to struggle in order to pick the right deck or wheels. However, choosing the perfect deck or wheels is incomplete to own a good skateboard since the trucks are also a crucial component. 


Two T-shaped objects in a skateboard hold the board together by connecting the wooden deck to the wheels. In general, the cost for trucks is considerably higher than all the others. In my opinion, trucks are usually underestimated while purchasing a skateboard since a lot of riders think they are no more than just a piece of solid metal. 


On the contrary, the little truck contains a lot of smaller pieces such as the kingpin, bushings, baseplate, bolts, etc. Of course, you need to understand the structure of them well if you want to make a wise decision at skate shops. In case you have no idea about choosing a skateboard truck, this brief guide may be helpful. 




On the market, you probably find either steel or aluminum skateboard trucks that are made from die-cast metal alloys. Sometimes, you can encounter titanium models - the premium options of some brands like Thunder, however, they are quite pricey. 


If the trucks are fully made of metal alloys, they can be pretty heavy; therefore, some companies have offered the hollow-axle or hollow-kingpin versions to lessen the overall weight. For newbies without much knowledge about them, I strongly recommend they stick to the conventional models. 




In order to choose the best skateboard trucks, knowing which size is right for you is critical. These variable sizes are made to be compatible with numerous sizes of skateboard decks. The size of a skateboard truck can be measured in between two ends of the axle. 



Together with width, trucks are also made in different heights and they are mainly categorized into high trucks, medium trucks, and low trucks. Remember that the height of skateboard trucks is not the distance between the underside of the deck and the ground but the gap between the wheels and the deck. 


On the market, trucks’ width can vary from 7.4” to 9.75” depending on which brands they belong to. For the best suit, I think you may need to search for the size guide of some popular brands like Thunder, Independent, Royal, Venture, Ace, Tensor, Theeve, or Enuff. 




As I stated, the small truck contains several pieces that are mainly divided into 2 groups: the stationary pieces and the moving ones. 




The baseplate makes direct contact with the skateboard deck. Taking a look at a truck attached to the deck, you can see that there are 8 bolts securing the baseplate into the deck. Besides holding the truck in place, the base plate creates room for the pivot cup and kingpin to move. 




The hanger is secured to the baseplate with the pivot cup and kingpin and it allows the axle to go through, hence forming the typical T-shaped of a skateboard truck. Due to the abusive use of skateboard trucks, especially the hanger, during grinding, this part is more prone to cracks and can be broken in a short time. 





Your truck can turn or not depending critically on the presence of the pivot cup. The rubber fixture is used in the base plate and you should never remove it or else the axle can slip out of the baseplate easily. 


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Do you notice the big bolt attached to the baseplate together with some nuts? These are the kingpin and the kingpin nuts which directly affect the turning capability of the trucks and you can never skate without them. Hence, never tighten the kingpin nuts too much. 




The cylindrical parts that the kingpin goes through are the bushings. Bushings come in both hard and soft bushings which determine how responsive your board will be. Soft bushings are preferable with skaters who are into loose trucks and hard bushings require greater forces to turn. This is among the fastest worn-out components in a skateboard truck since it takes a lot of impact and friction while skating.




Although there are numerous companies making skateboard trucks, I suggest skaters buy products from Venture, Tensor, Royal, Thunder, Ace, and Theeve. These are reliable brands whose products have been trusted by thousands of skateboarders all over the world. 


Additionally, you can find extra tools for fixing or assembling skateboard trucks like Bolts AKA Hardware from these manufacturers. In case you are unfamiliar with these names, you can read some articles that review and discuss in detail their products at SkateAdvisors. I strongly recommend you visit this skating website so that you can get access to a rich source of precious information. 


SkateAdvisors’s Information:


- Phone: (1) 646-707-4551

- Address: 902 Avenue C, Brooklyn, NY 11218, United States

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